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About RedFrame Law®

Refreshing the Client Experience

We pride ourselves in not being lawyers who have to be “dealt with.” We believe lawyers should be valued consultants, advocates and experts in their fields so that we can work for your best interests, not our bottom line.

Legal Services to Advise and Protect Businesses

Practice areas include corporate, commercial, trademark and copyright law. Whether you need to review a contract, to restructure a corporation or register your trademarks, we have the experience and expertise to find the right solution for you.

Entertainment Law

With our passion for the industry and our experience working within it, we provide production counsel services for all stages of your film or television project: development, prep, production and post-production.

Production Counsel

As part of our Entertainment Law services to our media producer clients, we offer flat rate Production Counsel services based on a percentage of your production budget. Contact us for details.

Flat Fee Pricing

We charge flat fees whenever possible so that you know exactly what to expect. And when we quote you a flat fee, we really mean a flat fee. No more worrying about how much your 10-minute phone call to your lawyer will cost you.

In Association with
Insight Law LLP

RedFrame Law® is a trade name and registered trademark of Gregory K. Pang, who practises in association with Insight Law LLP.

The RedFrame Law® Experience

Dealing with a traditional law firm can be a slow and frustrating process. At RedFrame Law®, we try to make our processes as effective and transparent as possible.

A Unique Approach

  • Faster than letters or phone calls: receive step-by-step updates on your file via our online portal. Check up on your file at any time using our online portal or download it to review it on your own time using Clio’s web-based collaboration tool so you can see exactly what work has been done on your file. Storing your documents in a Cloud-based service keeps them secure yet readily accessible.

Better Billing

  • Did you know that the number one complaint in dealing with traditional law firms is the billing process? We firmly believe that this shouldn't be the case. We charge flat fees whenever possible, so you know exactly what to expect. No one should suffer from bill shock.
  • Online payments are available for your convenience. We also accept payment by traditional methods such as cheque and wire transfer.

Who We Are

Gregory K. Pang

Gregory is a lawyer, registered trademark agent and notary public who has been practising since 2009 in the areas of business and intellectual property law.

After being called to the bar in Ontario in 2009, he worked for the Competition Bureau, a Canadian federal law enforcement agency. In 2013, he and his young family moved back to Edmonton where he started RedFrame Law.

Before his law career, Greg worked in film and television for 5 years in various roles, and now counts film and television production companies among his clientele.

Outside the office, Greg is an avid cyclist and wannabe snowboarder, and a proud husband and dad.

Recent Posts

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