NYF Poutinerie trademark pending

November 17, 2010


[Above feature image by Elizabeth Cooper under Creative Commons licence: https://flic.kr/p/faSTaz]

With New York Fries’ “Poutinerie” branded stores spreading across Canada, its trademark filing for its new logo is also proceeding along the way. Below is their trademark as filed with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office on the basis of proposed use in respect of “poutine” and “restaurant services”.

NYF Poutinerie tm

I discovered “real” poutine when I first moved to Montreal.. before, “poutine” for me was just any old fries with grated cheddar cheese and gravy on top. I had no idea how godly delicious those lumpy-looking squeaky cheese curds could be (yes, they squeak when you chew on them if they are fresh and served at room temperature). With competitors like Smoke’s Poutinerie also opening more locations across Ontario, is authentic Quebec-style poutine finally reaching the cheese curd-ignorant masses from coast-to-coast? Mmm.. butter chicken poutine. Er, maybe not quite.