We’re back.. finally!

July 20, 2016


[Above feature starfield image by Nigel Howe under Creative Commons licence: https://flic.kr/p/f4prwS
The “Jedi” font writing are my additions to the image.]

It took a while, but yes, the RedFrame Law website is finally up and operational again after the Great Hack of 2015. As you can see, the site has a new WordPress theme, new images (main banner image courtesy of KTB Photography) and an overall refreshed look and feel. A special thank you to our web host, Derek Turney (http://derekjoseph.com/) for his hard work in saving what he could of our old site and putting up with us in setting up the new one. And, of course, thank you to Tanya Riemann at Platypi Designs, our web designer, for all her tireless efforts in building up this site.

In terms of the blog: We’ve recovered most, but not all, of our old blog posts from the old site. Going forward, we will hope (as we always hope) to post with some kind of regularity.

Thank you all for your patience.